body waxing

tired of shaving?
some of us don’t have the luxury of a long, leisurely shower time. And if we do have the time, shaving our legs is not the way we want to spend it.

if you have coarse hair that takes too long to shave in the shower, waxing is a great solution for you. Instead of daily shaving, you can visit us once a month to get results that last longer and can often slow your hair growth over time.

you can get any area of your body waxed, from neck to toes. Brazilian waxing is our most requested service, but legs, arms, and full body waxes are also very popular. For men, Back Waxing is our most popular service.

waxing is ideal for:

  • vacations (bikini/Brazilian, eyebrows, underarms, arms, legs, back)
  • weddings (arms, eyebrows, full body)
  • photo shoots / family photos – (eyebrows, arms)
  • those with coarse hair that takes a long time to shave (bikini/Brazilian area, legs, arms)
  • those who get bumps or ingrown hairs with shaving (underarms, bikini/Brazilian, legs)

full body waxing
full body waxing is a service we usually do a lot before big events, like weddings or vacations. It’s not only the bride who gets a full body wax, but the wedding party too! Many women will be wearing a sleeveless dress or a sari, and they want their skin to look smooth, bright, and clean for the wedding photos. We are very thorough and cover every inch of the body (yes, pretty much every inch) in a full body wax unless you request an area to be skipped. Sometimes if it cheaper to purchase a full body wax instead of getting several areas a la carte.

your wedding day
we recommend full body waxing 2-3 months before the big day, and then at least five days before. This gives us some times to make sure that your skin reacts well to waxing. While major problems are rare, irritation and bumps are possible with some people after waxing, and we want to be absolutely sure you will not have any problems before the big day.

While not compulsory, tipping is still customary for Full Body waxing, just as it is for the other waxing services. Tips are usually 15-20% of the service cost. The full amount of the tip always goes directly to your waxer and never to the salon or a divided pool. Tips can be given in cash at the register or written on the credit card slip when you sign for your service.

confirmation and cancellation policy
Full Body waxes take over two hours to complete. That means we reserve more than two hours on our technician’s schedule. This time is reserved for you and we cannot promise it to anyone else. We will call you the day before to confirm your appointment, and we must get a verbal confirmation that you will be at your appointment. If you need to cancel, you must do it within 24 hours to avoid being charged a cancellation fee.

mens waxing

men get their backs waxed all the time in summer and before vacations. You want to go to the pool without worrying about that annoying hair on your shoulders and upper back, but it’s not easy to take care of at home!

at Aloha, our back wax includes the shoulders. We do contouring on the front of the shoulders so your waxing looks as natural as possible. No more depilatory creams or itchy regrowth from shaving! Just come in once every month or so, instead of a time consuming weekly routine in the summer. It saves you time and energy, so you can focus on the things that are more important to you.

mens brazilian
many more men are requesting Brazilian waxes. It’s very important for technicians to be properly trained for this service.

It’s important for you to know that we do take your needs seriously and will always treat you with professionalism and respect. Because of the delicate nature of the relationship between the male Brazilian client and our female technicians, conversations of an unusual or sexual natureare strictly prohibited to maintain a professional environment. Couples are also not allowed in the room together. Professional behavior is expected from both parties at all times. We reserve the right to end the session or refuse service to anyone for *any* reason.

Honestly, our male clients are great guys. We really look forward to seeing them, and problems are rare. We have some strict rules because we don’t want the behavior of a small percentage of men to prevent us from offering you this service.